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Brits and canadians always have the AUDACITY to say some shit like “wow america is so trash i’m glad i’m not there” like please read a history book

going to bed but don’t worry i’ll do the rest tomorrow :)

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props if you bring the classic who :D

lol unfortunately i haven’t seen much of classic who so maybe i’ll write something about one of the few things i’ve seen

ie: eight

Anonymous said:
New Earth

In the end, she knows she’ll never cry over a man again. There will always be others, men to fawn over her beauty, to buy her drinks and jewelry, to kiss her skin and flaunt her at galas and parties.

But no one will ever look at her the way he did, that funny little man who died in her arms, the nameless fool. 

Cassandra smiles. Everything will be okay.

Put an episode in my askbox and I’ll write a five-sentence ficlet.

badwolfrun said:

She frowns as she stares into the worn screen in front of her. It’s been hours, hours of calmly trying to reach him and failing, hours of losing that patience and shouting at the top of her lungs. She sees glimpses of him sometimes, on a shuttle, in the TARDIS, with other companions who make him smile.

"DOCTOR!" she yells once more, her voice ragged. The screen goes black.

Put an episode in my askbox and I’ll write a five-sentence ficlet.

craftysquidz said:
The Doctor Dances

He thinks about that night long after she’s gone, of hearts racing and horns blaring and the feel of her in his arms. Of a soft thing blooming into something new, of everybody lives and red bicycles and dancing.

Of what could have happened, had he let her make a move. Had he been less of a coward.

Still—coward, any day.

Put an episode in my askbox and I’ll write a five-sentence ficlet.

put an episode of doctor who in my askbox and i’ll write a five-sentence ficlet.
well lily james and billie are friends so hopefully lily does it and nominates bills because I NEED IT
What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?



i am in love with spicebomb by viktor and rolf (i know it’s a cologne but lmao it’s so good)

and yeah i just got 3 oz of it for only $60, and i saved $30-something because I’m an employee at a pharmacy that sells it

it goes for like $110 on sephora so lmao